Frequently Asked Questions

Who attend your events?

Attendees are Chinese/Oriental professionals who work in London usually. Most are in professions such as Finance, law, medicine, IT and engineering and come to speed dating because they have little opportunity to meet other Chinese/Orientals. You will find that everyone is like you, so you do not need to be nervous.

I have booked, what do i do now?

Print out or keep a copy of the PAYPAL payment confirmation email on your phone, and bring it to the event. Arrive there at 2pm please, as there are alot of people and we would like to start on time.

Why come to our events?

Speed dating is extremely fun, and you'll meet and have interesting conversation with more boys or girls than you have in months. We can almost guarantee after 1 event, you'll find at least 1 date. If your serious about finding a partner and wish to meet many Chinese, our speed dating event is the best in London.

How long does it last?

The event lasts for 2 and 1/2 hours.

How long do I get to chat to each person?

Depending on the progress, you will get around 4minutes per date.

Do we get breaks in the event?

Between each date, you will get a moment to make notes before your next date starts. There is a half way interval to take a break or order drinks from the bar.

Can I bring a friends?

You are welcome to bring friends along.

What's the Dress code?

There is no dress code. But we advise you to wear smart casual and comfortable cloths.Coming straight to the event from work in suits will be fine.

>How do I book for an event?

Please use our webpage to make online bookings. If you have any problems you may contact the us. Once booked you will receive an email confirming your booking. The email should be printed and shown to us at the event. No mail will be sent to your home address.

What information is given to my matches?

Only your first name and email addresses will be given to your matches. You may change your email address at anytime

I am not Chinese/Oriental, can i attend?

Generally, people attending our events are looking to meet Chinese/Orientals. While we have no restrictions, we do recommend that you attend other more mainstream Speed Dating events where people are looking for those of your ethnicity.

What is the age range?

We have no restrictions on age, but have to accept those over 20 only. Most attending are between 23 and 40, so if you are significantly above this age, then we suggest you attend other events more suitable for your age.