Our events are about having a fun night out and meeting new people. Focus on enjoying yourself, don't take it all too seriously and you're sure to have a great night and perhaps even meet someone special too!

On arrival:

When you arrive at the venue you will be greeted by the hosts who will sign you in.
During this time you can get yourself a drink and mingle with the other participants if you wish.
Once everyone has arrived the hosts will explain the format of the evening and the event will begin. You will then have 5 to 6 minutes to speed date each participant.

After the event:

When you have met everybody the speed dating event is finished but this is often when the fun really starts! Why not stay at the bar for a few drinks and get to know the people you liked a little better. You will all be issued with a password and username during the event. You will then be able to log in to our website and enter your preferences and your matches. You will beable to contact anyone who mutually expressed an interest to contact you.